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Spinning To Nowhere

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Riding on a trainer – spinning your wheels for the purpose of exercise and burning calories – is boring. In my younger, more easily metabolized days, I would avoid doing such activities. My mind has to be constantly stimulated while exercising, or I just get too bored and quit. That’s one of the reasons I love riding my bike around town. The scenery is always changing and I’m experiencing new things, almost every time I get out there. I really don’t know how those folks, in a gym environment, keep it up.

There is only one thing I hate more than riding a trainer: riding in the winter, with freezing, windy and rainy weather. Pick any two of those conditions and I’m out. I’m a summer boy, enjoying moderate to hot temperatures. I also love the longer days of summer and not having to layer up.

What’s your preference?

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January 19, 2015 at 6:28 am

Happy New Year – 2015

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I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year. I hope your 2015 is filled with great rides and awesome discoveries.

My 2014 goal of doing more active transportation was pretty successful. I did ride my bike quite a bit. My walking started off well, but for health reasons, I had to taper down a bit. I still love to walk as much as possible.

Do you have any New Years resolutions for 2015? Mine is to simplify my life by reducing the amount of useless stuff that I own. My mother-in-law has had to make some lifestyle changes and move into a much smaller place. After watching my wife go through the daunting task of downsizing her mother’s home, and it’s many years of content, I decided it was time for me to start reducing my clutter.

I’m starting with baby steps. For every non-essential purchase this year (anything that isn’t food or necessary for daily survival), I will need to get rid of 3-5 items that I haven’t used in years.



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January 1, 2015 at 7:51 am

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Live Kickstarter Campaign!

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I love supporting my local bike community.

A couple of local, Oak Cliff advocates and BFOC board members have a start up company manufacturing cargo bicycles right here in north Texas! Please help support them by checking out their rewards, many from other local businesses like Oil and Cotton and Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters! We’d love to see them reach their funding goal so they can design and build a new, scratch built cargo bicycle frame to compliment the recycled frames they’re currently building. Go to or launch the campaign from the link below.

Originally posted on Oak Cliff Cargo Bicycles:

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December 3, 2014 at 6:05 am

I’m Back

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May Use Full Lane

Back when I announced that I was taking a break from doing the Hump Day Pics posts, it wasn’t my intention to take a break from doing ALL posts.

Life got busy and it just happened.

Between family, work, reading, teaching, a marathon binge of watching Breaking Bad – and – actually riding—writing a post just fell down the priority list.

Now that the kids are settled into a new school year, work has become somewhat routine again, Boo Radley saved Jem and Scout, more people are riding and riding safely, Walter White cooked his last batch and I got Platinum status on the National Bike Challenge, it’s time to start blogging again.

While I was taking my break, I did manage to take a few bike related pics:

Bikes Bikes Bike Route Sign image

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October 11, 2014 at 8:48 pm

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Holy Crap! Suburban Assault Turns Five

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Obey Dallas Texas

When I started this blog five years ago, I wasn’t sure that I would keep up with it. As I’ve said before, even five years doesn’t seem like much compared to some of the other great bike blogs out there – and I’m humbled by them. Now, with over 745 posts, I still love doing this.

I’m not sure why, but readership continues to stick with me. It’s also truly amazing when I get recognized on the street as the Suburban Assault guy. I deeply thank those who have taken the time to stop by and visit this site. I’m still trying to figure out a niche for this blog to help it stand out among all the others. For now, I’ll continue posting Hump Day Pics as well as plenty of interesting, bike related things. As long as I’m passionate about bicycling, I’ll keep posting here.

Also, over the years, I’ve grown as a cyclist. I started as a slow-rolling goof, who discovered a passion for exploring his city by bike. Now, I’m a slow-rolling, practical cyclist who commutes to work, advocates for cycling and enjoys teaching as a League Cycling Instructor. I could not be happier.

Again, thank you for following and reading Suburban Assault.

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July 24, 2014 at 6:00 am

Found In An Old Shed – Columbia 500

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Cheap 60's Steel

We started clearing out an old shed in my mother-in-law’s yard, so that it can be demolished in a few weeks. The shed had been unused, probably, for decades – so who knows what was living in there. All I know is that, with my fear of wasps and spiders – and not to mention small critters that bite – I wasn’t going near it. Fortunately, my wife is a badass and those things don’t seem to bother her. Once I got the overgrown shrub chopped down from in front of the door, it was easier for her to gain access and drag out this beauty for me.

Reading on, you’ll see that I use the term ‘beauty’ quite loosely and probably with a bit of sarcasm.

I’d spotted this ‘beauty’ a few months back, when we had originally thought about clearing out the shed. Through the shrub and slightly opened door, I could see the dark silhouette of an old bike, left to rust at the back of this dark shed. I kept wondering if this was some sort of forgotten treasure of vintage steal, that was only waiting to be salvaged and restored to it’s former glory. Even when my wife, bravely, rolled it out over the busted bags of fertilizer and potting soil, I had high hopes that it was going to be a ‘beauty.’

Not this time. Upon closer inspection, I realized that this bike had seen much better days. The rust, corrosion and the decades of Texas summers had taken it’s toll on this guy. Even so, my mind started wandering into a world of sand paper, chrome polish and elbow grease, to see this ‘beauty’ restored to a showroom finish. Perhaps I had seen too many episodes of American Restorations on the History channel. Unfortunately, I had been down the road of restoration, and the result – if ever finished – is never worth the amount of work I would put into it.

I wondered if it would be worth it to pay somebody to restore it. But then I started to look into the brand and model of the bike. It’s an old (I’m assuming late 60’s early 70’s) Columbia 500. After doing some digging on-the-line, I discovered that the Columbia brand, although it has a rich heritage of building bikes since 1877, is known for manufacturing “…quality bikes at affordable prices. Developed to satisfy the demands of the casual rider, who expects the feature, quality and confidence in a brand of bikes found in specialty bike shops. Columbia bikes offer a brand that is well recognized by consumers and at the same time offers a different product at a great value!” I read this as cheap department store quality bike.

After doing a bit more, light digging, I came to realize that it wouldn’t be worth the effort or expense to restore this ‘beauty.’ It’s too bad I don’t own a small bike shop or café, because this would make the perfect decoration to hang over the awning.

Columbia 500

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July 15, 2014 at 10:22 pm

Kickstarter – LESS CAR MORE GO: the cargo bike documentary

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I’m a big fan of documentaries and an even bigger fan of bikes. So, I go nuts when I hear about bike documentaries. One that I’m particularly interested in seeing is Liz Canning‘s new film about the cargo bike culture, called Less Car More Go.

From the Kickstarter page:

In early 2011, almost three years before the Wall Street Journal dubbed cargo bikes “the New Station Wagon,” filmmaker Liz Canning began making LESS CAR MORE GO. The project is a crowdsourced documentary on the past, present and future of the cargo bike movement, co-directed by over 100 cargo cyclists. A rapidly growing online network of bike lovers from all over the world has shared hours of video footage capturing how cargo bikes change lives. The number, quality and content of submissions to LESS CAR MORE GO is a stunning testament to the power of bicycles, community and art. And we’ve only just begun! Read more.

There are only a few days left to help fund this project and Liz is still pretty far from her goal. She states:

Thus far the project been fueled by passion and funded by co-directors and myself. A successful Kickstarter campaign will sustain us through post-production and ensure that all this inspired work pays off. A documentary (especially a crowdsourced one) is really made in the editing. I will need time and some assistance to weave all these disparate elements into a coherent and exciting story.

Kickstarter funds will also pay for a handful of video equipment to be shared by co-directors, media storage drives, an assistant editor/producer, and travel to cargo bike hot spots in and possibly outside of the US. There will be other expenses like music and archival rights, motion graphics and color correction/finishing, DVD authoring and outreach, press and publicity.

If you want to support the post-production of the film and get a copy for yourself, head over to her Kickstarter page and make a pledge.

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April 29, 2014 at 10:14 pm


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