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Road ID – I Never Ride Without It

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Road ID logo. Please visit their site.

Road ID logo. Please visit their site.

I was flipping through an issue of Bike magazine and I ran across an ad for Road ID. Being relatively new to suburban commuting (X-mountain biker here) and dealing with traffic, it caught my attention. Also, I typically ride alone which makes having something like this a really good idea.

I pulled up their web site and learned that they offer more than just standard ID bracelets. For a minimal fee starting at $20, you can get an wristband ID made-to-order from a variety of colors. Each band is made of durable, sports quality nylon and velcro with 3M reflective strips.

Image From Road ID. Please visit their site.

Image From Road ID. Please visit their site.

You can choose from the ‘original’ version or the ‘interactive’ version. The ‘original’ is a standard ID bracelet with room to have all your important identification information engraved. I opted for the ‘interactive’ version which gives you much more.

The ‘interactive’ version gives you an online account they call an ERP (emergency response profile) where you can securely register all your Name, Address, Emergency Contacts, Health Insurance, Medical Information, and more into an updatable online account. Included with the price of the band the service works for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. After the first year, the service is only $10 a year. Well worth it in my opinion. The bracelet has your name and information on how to access your ERP in case of an emergency. Go here for more information.

If you don’t like wearing a wristband, they have other ID products that can strap around your ankle, tie to your shoe or hang around your neck. They even have a gift card so that you can get your friends and loved ones a nice little stocking stuffer for the holidays.

If you travel light or don’t want to risk losing your wallet on your next ride, you should have some way for folks to help you in emergency situations. Road ID is the perfect solution that’s made for cyclists.

EDIT: Because I’m gratefully using WordPress’ free blog service, I’m not allowed to use referral links on my site. I’m completely okay with that, but I still would like you to click on the “non-referral specific” link below to check out their site to see what they’re all about. I feel so strongly about their product that I’ll always refer them to those interested.

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July 28, 2009 at 9:48 am

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