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I first read about the Richardson Urban Bicycle Club on Facebook. I’ve read that they gather every Thursday, here in Richardson, to do a short group ride to local night spots around the area. Most of the rides are themed to keep things interesting – ranging from last week’s zombie ride to next week’s tribute to Burning Man. Tonight’s ride was the Mad for Plaiddison Bicycle Ride where participants were asked to wear plaid.

I decided to stop by, on my way home from work this evening, to check out the group and see what they were all about. When I pulled up, I noticed folks were starting to gather outside of Big Shucks, their typical gathering spot. Most were sporting different amounts of plaid. You could tell those who were just going along with the theme and those who were hard core about it. The group itself was a wide range of a little over 20 people, both men an women who looked more urban than suburban. The age range was mid 20s, with a few in their 30s and even fewer over 40. I walked up to some folks who were getting their bikes ready and I ask about the group. James and Shoshannah, a couple of friendly folks all decked out in plaid, were more than excited to talk about the group and invited me to join them before their ride.

I was told that the rides are short and light with more emphasis on the social gathering. One person described the group as a pub crawl on bikes – pretty awesome. The group has been gathering since 2007 and plans to keep doing it for as long as they can. I asked about the organizers, but they hadn’t shown up yet. Eventually, I’d like to talk to them and get the whole story.

I left before the ride actually started so I didn’t get any shots of the group on their bikes. It would have been cool to witness their critical mass ride down the suburban streets of Richardson. Eventually, I’d love to join them, but being a family guy, it’s hard to make time to go for the entire ride.

Written by dickdavid

September 3, 2009 at 10:00 pm

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