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Villy Customs – The Coolest Thing In Bike Cruisers – EVER

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Chase with Fleetwood’s Kit Kat

Before we discovered Fleetwood’s Kit Kat, I have to admit, a beach cruiser wasn’t on my radar for my personal bike line-up. But once Fleetwood got me on a test ride, I have to say, there is definitely one on my wish list.

There’s nothing that screams classic, comfort, casual, cool, hip and fun like a cruiser. There’s nothing that screams classic, comfort, casual, cool, hip, fun AND ‘that bike is so awesomely you’ more than one that is custom designed by YOU and build by the guys at Fleetwood’s Kit Kat. I can’t believe nobody’s thought about building custom styled cruisers to fit individual personalities, sooner. Pure genius if you ask me.

Unfortunately, if you don’t live in north Texas, getting one built to your specifications was a little difficult to accomplish. Good news – Fleetwood’s spreading the love to everybody who doesn’t live in the DFW Metroplex. Now, the rest of the world can enjoy the greatness of having a custom cruiser, built to their specifications and delivered right to their door. Introducing Villy Customs.

The new site enables you to custom configure the cruiser of your dreams. Everything from the frame to the tires can be tweaked to your specific taste. With thousands of combinations, it’s quite possible to build a bike that’s a one-of-a-kind, made specifically for you. These are truly affordable, functional works-of-art that every bike enthusiast should own.

Be warned. It is quite possible to spend good part of your day configuring all your possible favorite combinations.

ALSO, some of the great photography that was on their original site, was created by Wendy Woodruff-Wezensky. Click here to see her Villy Customs image collection.

Written by dickdavid

December 6, 2009 at 11:41 am

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  2. haha it’s funny how our website used to look back then. Have you seen our new page? it’s a lot cleaner!


    February 12, 2012 at 11:14 pm

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