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Biking In Dallas Talks About The Dallas Trail Network

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If you haven’t already discovered the newest bike blog in the Metroplex, go check out Biking In Dallas. I’ve been following them on my RSS feed for a while and noticed that they’re taking on north Texas biking in full force. However, if you’re looking for spandex and carbon fiber, don’t bother. Biking in Dallas is just a couple of long-time Dallasites (one north, one east) who intend… to promote the enjoyment of exploring the City of Dallas and its’ surroundings by bicycle (read more). My kind of cycling.

Mike and Chris write some of the best articles that inspire me to ride more. Their latest is a great write up on the Dallas Trail Network. It details the state of our local cycling infrastructure and accounts for all types of cycling solutions. They even gave my home town, Richardson, a nice little nod for setting the standard for suburban cycling and commuting. Additionally, it truly is a great read.

Written by dickdavid

February 2, 2010 at 6:13 am

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