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Took A Ride Under The Dallas High Five

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Last week, we attended the Cottonwood Trail Esplanade Dedication to check out the newest bike connection between Dallas and it’s neighboring cities to the north.

For years, the only trail passage into the 635 loop was the underpass at Valley View Park – nice but not always convenient to northeast Metroplex trail riders. This new 4 mile extension to the Cottonwood Trail offers up an alternative way under both 75 and 635. This will eventually give access the White Rock Trail which leads to the Santa Fe Trail, giving riders complete trail access into downtown Dallas.

Because I was pressed for time, I didn’t have a chance to ride the new extension until yesterday. Here are a few pics and videos of my exploration of the new trail:

North Entrance To The Cottonwood Creek Trail

This is the north entrance to the Cottonwood Creek Trail. I almost missed it since it was covered in slightly overgrown shrubs.

Along The North Side - Heading Towards Dallas

Although this part of the trail runs through what some would consider the “hood”, I ran across some of the friendliest folks while riding on this part. This is something I’ve missed on many rides through better parts of Richardson. Perhaps it was because pedestrians were more abundant and people are used to communicating and socializing with each other. More reason to get out of the car.

North Side - Just Before Entering The High Five Underpass

This is where the new part of the trail begins. Just around the corner is the underpass for 75.

North Entrance To The Esplanade - Dallas Side of 635

After going under 75 and then 635, you end up here, which is on the southeast side of the High Five interchange.

Bridge Over The Creek

This bridge closes a big hurdle in this connection.

Southern Part Of The Esplanade

Just on the other side of the bridge is an esplanade that matches the north side of the bridge.

Trail Ends Just South Of The Esplanade

Here is where the Cottonwood Creek Trail ends, just a few miles shy of connecting with the White Rock Trail. Construction is well underway to complete this last gap.

Trail Construction To Connect With The White Rock Trail

Just ahead, in this shot, is Forrest Lane. Just beyond that will be the connection with the White Rock Trail.

For more information about the Cottonwood Creek Trail go to

To see a map of this route (which they were calling the “Low Five”), go here.

ALSO, I managed to shoot a couple of videos going both ways. Warning, they’re a bit slow and shaky.

North To South:

South To North:

Written by dickdavid

June 6, 2010 at 8:21 pm

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  3. I love the videos. maybe I could ride that with you someday.


    June 7, 2010 at 8:25 am

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