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My Code For Riding – Part 6 – Conclusion

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Well, it’s been almost two years since I started this thread: My Code For Riding. My intent was to conclude the series by the end of 2009, but I couldn’t find the right way to close my thoughts on riding. Perhaps it’s because this is a topic that has no end for me. Cycling has become a continued journey of discovery in both myself and the world around me. My confidence and ability on the road has strengthened, along with my enthusiasm to ride more.

Lots of things have happened since Part 5. I started Bike Friendly Richardson – the first of many DFW Bike Friendly groups to follow in the footsteps of Bike Friendly Oak Cliff. I figured that if I want to increase the ridership in DFW, I should start with my own city.

I’ve also made lots of friends, locally and long distance, who share the same perspective on cycling as me – where we see cycling as a fun activity that doesn’t have to be categorized as a sport.

I’ve done the Richardson Wide Ride against cancer twice, 16 miles the first time, 40 miles the second.

I’ve gone from being a full-time car commuter, to replacing enough trips by bike this summer to save a tank of gas. My plan is to continue with more bike commutes in my future.

My conclusion for My Code For Riding, is that there is no conclusion – not yet. Happy riding.

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August 9, 2011 at 9:25 am

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  2. […] My Code For Riding – Part 6 – Conclusion […]

  3. […] My Code For Riding – Part 6 – Conclusion […]

  4. […] My Code For Riding – Part 6 – Conclusion […]

  5. […] My Code For Riding – Part 6 – Conclusion […]

  6. “continued journey of discovery” is a perfect description. One of the things I like best about bicycling, and it remains true no matter how long you do it.


    August 9, 2011 at 9:16 pm

  7. Love reading your stuff man. Been taking my bike to work everyday since I came to San Fran. The commute is a bit more hectic that Dallas streets. Did 30 miles at the Tour de Peninsula last Sunday. Bought a Bianchi, which was a pretty big upgrade. I think I have some pics on my Facebook. Keep writing these awesome articles. Dallas just keeps getting better with blogs and groups like these.

    • San Francisco?! How did I miss that? I need to check FB more often.


      August 9, 2011 at 11:02 pm

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