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Indie Jazz-Pop Vocalist And Trombonist elizabeth! Releases Single Called “bicycle”

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Time for a little Friday fun.

I was checking the Suburban Assault inbox this morning and ran across an email that, I thought, might have been spam – we get quite a bit of it around here. Quite frankly, the only thing that got me to click on it was the word “bicycle” in the subject line. Once open, I discovered that it was personalized to me with a message about a new indie jazz-pop vocalist and trombonist called elizabeth!. My ‘spam guard’ was lowered even more. I mean, what spammer is going to send me content about a trombonist? If so, very clever.

Still cautious, I right-clicked on the links to read their source – just to make sure they weren’t sending me to some unwanted download site. The url seemed legit, I clicked and it brought me to elizabeth!‘s website.

Apparently, elizabeth! just released her debut album Brainchildren. Her first single is a nice little ditty called Bicycle and it’s currently available for free download. Curious to hear it, I clicked on the button to play the song (you can hear it on the button below).

Before I write about the song, I have to disclaim that – although I like most types of music – I’m not a big fan of jazz. However, I discovered that elizabeth!‘s Bicycle has a fun and whimsical spin to it that I really enjoyed. I can easily hear it as the soundtrack to any care-free riding. It really speaks to the type of riding we like to promote on Suburban Assault. Take a listen and hear for yourself. If you like it, download it for free, load it on the ipod and play it on your next ride.

On a side note to elizabeth: to some of us, it does last (yes, I know I’m being a bit too literal).

Written by dickdavid

November 4, 2011 at 5:44 am

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