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My Last Ride On Spring Creek Trail For Now

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The Spring Creek Trail in Richardson is scheduled for repairs during the first few weeks of 2012, so I decided to take a quick spin on it before it was closed off. I typically don’t ride the entire length of the trail, since my normal route only uses a small portion between the Routh Creek Parkway ramp to the passages under Central Expressway. It was a nice little ride through a quiet little pocket of nature, tucked away in our busy little suburban city. Here are some pics:

To get to the Spring Creek Trail, I had to ride by Lookout Park. Here is a fun little rest area/playgound.


The east entrance to the Spring Creek Trail goes under Plano Road.


If you’re not in a rush to get anywhere, you’d be surprised at the fun, off-trail detours that are available.

Alt Creek Crossing

Although most of the leaves have fallen, there is a certain calm feeling you get riding through these woods. Reminds me of a much tamer version of my mountain bike days.

Stone Wall

Here’s an example of some of the repairs being made next month. I’m glad the city is keeping up with this.

Bridge For Repair

Here is the ramp that leads up to Routh Creek Parkway. I’m usually going down this thing.


Here’s the trail that rolls along Routh Creek Parkway. Here, traffic is so calm, I usually prefer riding on the parkway.

Straight Away

Written by dickdavid

December 30, 2011 at 10:14 pm

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