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Kickstarter: Spurcycle GripRings

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Image © Spurcycle. Please visit their site.

I’m usually an avid follower of all bike related ideas on Kickstarter, so it took me by surprise that I missed this.

Like most cyclists, the ideal hand grip is subjective – based on the individual’s needs. Some like thick cushioned foam, some like the control of a hard rubber compound, some like the natural feel of leather or cork and other’s like the classic feel of a proper tape job.

The folks over at Spurcycle came up with, yet, another options for hand grips – which I think is a good idea. They’re called GripRings. They’ve taken the idea of the handgrip and cut it down into colorful, durable, silicone rings. This allows the rider to mix and match the various rings to make their own, unique color combinations. Beyond that, they can add or subtract as many rings as they want to make better use of the entire handlebar. One might even see the rings as a fun or easy alternative to taping a bar.

Want a set? Well, they’re not available yet. In order to get their idea off the ground, Spurcycle has opened a Kickstarter page to get the GripRings produced. Unfortunately, they are FAR FROM THEIR GOAL with only a few days left. If you like this idea, spread the word and get this project funded.

Image © Spurcycle. Please visit their site.

Here is more information:

Spurcycle, a bicycle accessories startup created by two brothers, is pleased to announce their first product: GripRings, a new kind of bicycle grip which can be customized by length and color. Each grip is assembled from a series of rings, which install without tools and stretch-on for a secure fit. Any number of rings can be used to customize the width of the grips, including twist shifter lengths. With this design, there are also more options for locating a grip along any handlebar style. GripRings can be placed at the ends of the bar or near to the stem.

Some of the unique features of GripRings handlebar grips include:
• Customizable grip length
• Millions of configurable color patterns
• Flexible positioning across many handlebar types
• Easy installation
• Comfortable, durable silicone rubber
• End-plug protects bar end

The GripRings are made of vibrantly colored silicon rubber. Sold as a single grip for $12 MSRP ($24 for a full set), including Spurcycle endplugs. They are available in a rainbow of 12 colors. Now globally available for pre-order at a discounted price via

Based in San Francisco, California, Spurcycle designs bicycle accessory products that bring ease and excitement to cycling as a lifestyle. To learn more about GripRings and Spurcycle, please visit

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