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New Bicycle Repair Stations In My Town

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UTD - Bike Repair Station

We just got something really cool in Richardson. Our local college, The University Of Texas Dallas (yeah, in Richardson), just installed five new, Dero Fixit bicycle repair stations. I reported about them here on Bike Friendly Richardson.

Today, I decided to take a spin out there and check them out for myself.

Although brightly colored, the stations are small and hard to find. Fortunately, I was on the lookout for them. The first station I found was next to the Activity Center next to some bike racks. Upon closer inspection, I found a set of commonly used tools, a tire pump and a place to mount your bike while you make your repairs – all securely fastened to the station. There was even a QR code that is supposed to take you to some basic repair instruction videos.

I didn’t have to make any repairs, but I did need a little air in my tires. Unfortunately, this station was already damaged, and the pump’s head was torn from the feed tube. It really upsets me that a nice amenity like this can already be ruined by some careless vandal. I’m hoping that it gets repaired soon.

I managed to find another station, just a few blocks away – where the pump was still working. The one thing I noticed about the pump is that it has a really short feed tube. I had to get my wheel really close to inflate my tires. It wasn’t a big deal considering how convenient the station would be if I were stranded in the area.

Overall, I think the bicycle repair stations are a great idea. I would love to see more of them around my city – perhaps along some of the multi-purpose trails.

Here are some pics:

UTD - Bike Repair Station - Holding Rita

UTD - Bike Repair Station

UTD - Bike Repair Station

2 Responses

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  1. We just got one of these installed on our local trail system due to a partnership with a local bike shop and a coffee shop on the trail. I haven’t gotten to try it yet (I injured myself and haven’t been able to ride since it went in) but they seem like a great idea.


    August 19, 2012 at 7:27 pm

  2. Cool! We have nothing like that in the mid cities.

    Steve A

    August 19, 2012 at 8:25 pm

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