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Lovetrack – The Ultimate Suburban Assault App

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Since we started, the core idea behind Suburban Assault was to inspire you riders to ‘Explore Your Neighborhood By Bicycle’. Take your time, ride around and discover the area around your home. You’ll be surprised at all the interesting things that you learn about it.

Now, there’s a new App, called Lovetrack, that can help you document your explorations. Based on what I’ve read and seen, I think that Lovetrack is the ultimate Suburban Assault tool. It’s like Instagram for bicyclists.

Unlike Instagram, Lovetrack records your bike routes and allows you to share them with others – perhaps, inspiring them to try out your journeys. Unlike other mapping Apps, it looks like Lovetrack‘s focus is more about photographing interesting things along the way – and less about documenting cadence, speed, elevation and distance. Simple and smart.

What I really like about Lovetrack, is the inspiration the developers had for creating it:

We love to track where we ride bikes. We really would like to make our rides visible and share our magical cycling experience with people. We would like you could do the same.

We would like to help people find beautiful routes for their bike rides. We hope you would like to do the same as we do.

That’s why we decided to create extraordinary accessory for your bike.

Unfortunately, Lovetrack isn’t available yet. Until it is, you can Like them on their Facebook page or sign up for email notifications.


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January 18, 2013 at 7:09 am

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