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My last set of tires were showing signs of wear. I probably could have squeezed another season out of them, but instead, I came across these Michelin City tires on sale for almost half off.

Here are some specs from their site:

Special PROTEK COMPOUND rubber mix with antioxidant elements and a reinforced architecture that promote:
• High mileage and excellent grip
• Resistance to aging, climatic variations and pollution

1mm thick PROTEK SHIELD anti-puncture reinforcement under the tread.

Michelin City

Aside from the great price, two things appealed to me about these tires. First, they’re made of a pretty soft compound of rubber, leading me to believe these will be stickier than my previous set. Second, there’s a nice reflective strip on the sidewall, which will help me be more visible with cross traffic. Because of that, my friend jokingly called these new tires, whitewalls.

After I’ve logged a few miles on them, I’ll post my thoughts. My first impression is they’re a little squeaky, but pretty grippy.

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February 19, 2013 at 10:52 pm

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