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Book Report: The Bike Owner’s Handbook by Peter Drinkell

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The Bike Owner's Handbook - Peter Drinkell

I’m slightly ashamed that it was just the cool design, the fancy blue strap and the upside down gold bike on the cover that had me saving this book to my already extensive ‘wish list’. I’ll also admit that clicking the “add to cart” button was most likely to push an order of something else, over the minimum $25 total to get the free Amazon shipping. I’m glad I did.

The Bike Owner’s Handbook by Peter Drinkell, is as it’s title implies: an owners manual for just about any bike. It’s what I would describe as the ‘instruction book’ that could have come with your bike. As I read through this book, I discovered that isn’t like some of the other books that I’d been reading – with narrative content articulating bike love, education or advocacy. Instead, the Bike Owner’s Handbooks content is pure function and utility. Although not as thorough as a Park Tools Blue Book, it has some good information on general maintenance of your bike. Pair that with some really cool illustrations, and you’ve got a nice addition to your bike book library. Or, because of it’s size, this can make a nice add-on to any bike owner’s tool box.

Written by dickdavid

March 4, 2013 at 6:57 am

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