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The Sprocket Podcast – Another Brilliant Podcast For Cyclists

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I’m a new fan to bicycle podcasts this year. As I was mentioning my discovery of the Outspoken Cyclist, a friend pointed me to another podcast that I might like even more: The Sprocket Podcast.

Based out of ‘The People’s Republic of Portland”, hosts Brock Dittus, Aaron Flores and (yet to be heard by me) Brandon Rhodes “bring you somewhat irreverent conversations about the intricacies of thinking locally with a global perspective, and enjoying the best that life has to offer along the way. This includes day to day life, food, alcohol, bicycles and alternative transportation, arts and culture, communication and the Internet, camping and travel, and many other things!”

Sure, it’s not all about bikes. But to me, it’s a lot about why I ride – simplifying the good life. Talking about arts, culture and alcohol is pretty cool, too.

Of course I’m late to the party. They’ve been producing the show since 2010 and on their 126th episode (as of this post). As with my other ‘bike’ related podcasts, I’ve been playing serious catch-up. I’ve decided to only limit my listening to this year’s episodes – which is enough to get a good sense that I relate to the content, enjoy the hosts and their guests and have become a true fan of the show.

If you like the idea of simplifying your life and see yourself as a practical cyclist, I strongly recommend that you subscribe and listen to The Sprocket Podcast. Click here to get to them on iTunes.


Written by dickdavid

April 26, 2013 at 6:30 am

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