Suburban Assault


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As with all of you, I’d love to have a garage full of bikes for my different riding moods. Until then, here are the three that get me around town.



I picked this one up back around 1993 (exact year isn’t clear). It’s heavy Cro-Mo, but the frame is nuke-proof. It came with full Shimano LX which is still rock solid. It started as a serious mountain bike, but now it’s my daily commuter.

I’ve added an RST suspension fork, which eventually failed. Now I’m back on a rigid fork. I’ve dropped the fat knobby tires for skinny slicks. I finally switched the saddle and added a rack.

I’m not sure how much life it still has, but I’m going to ride it until the wheels fall off.

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I picked this one up last winter (2008) on clearance. I’ve been wanting a single speed for the simplicity and a 29er for the smooth roll. This was supposed to replace RITA for off road riding, but my style of riding has moved me away from the trail.

In retrospect, I should have gotten a single speed commuter style bike with faster gearing. But, in the end, I’m completely happy with this bike. It’s simple and nice to ride. A bit slow sometimes, but perfect for those casual rides around town.

Like RITA, the frame is heavy, yet solid Cro-Mo. Because of it’s low price-point, it came with simple v-brakes, but it’s set up for a disk upgrade. Everything is is basic and no frills – just the way I like it.

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I also picked this one up last winter (2015) on clearance. I’ve been wanting a cargo bike for hauling groceries and supplies. Turns out, I ride this bike all the time—even when I don’t have anything to haul.

Click Here to see more pics.

Written by dickdavid

June 22, 2010 at 5:54 am

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