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BMW Sells Bicycles

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BMW Bikes

We were at a BMW dealership this weekend – for a non-bike related event. They host a monthly Cars and Coffee event and my wife loves to shoot pics of old cars. As we were leaving the event, I spied a couple of BMW cruiser bicycles in their show room – I had to take a closer look.

First, let me say, BMW isn’t the first auto manufacturer to offer up bicycles in their ‘lifestyle’ collection and this isn’t the first bicycle offered by BMW. It’s all about making the after-sale, sale with branded products and parts. Being brand loyal myself, I completely understand how people get obsessed seeing their favorite logos on clothing and accessories – and paying top dollar for them.

BMW Bikes

I found it ironic that a German car company that obsesses on perfection in engineering, can stick their logo on something so sub-par (please note that I didn’t test ride them and that this judgement is made by observation). At first glance, you can see that the bikes are well made. However, on closer inspection, I noticed that the drivetrain was built around a Shimano Alivio 24-speed Derailleur. Now, I know Shimano doesn’t make bad products, but I feel that if BMW is going to ask $1200 for a hybrid type cruiser bike, they should – at least – stick some mid-range components on it. Quite frankly, given the brand, I’m surprised they didn’t just put some high end components on a carbon framed bicycle and charge accordingly.

Oh wait, they did.

Personally, I think they should stop wasting their time on bicycles and just bring back the classic 2002:


Written by dickdavid

August 6, 2012 at 6:16 am