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Open For Business – Bike Racks Included

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A couple of new businesses have opened near me, and both have really cool rack systems for bike parking.

The first is Whole Foods in Addison. Although it’s bittersweet that they closed the store that was closer to me, their new store in Addison is pretty impressive. What makes it even more impressive is their cool bike racks that are in the shape of bicycles.

Whole Foods Addison

Bike Rack Greatness

Just My Size Bike Rack

The next business is the new Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Richardson. Not only has this become one of the hottest destinations in town, it also has an amazing lineup of bike racks that are in the shape of film reels.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Richardson - Bike Parking

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Richardson - Bike Parking

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Richardson - Bike Parking

I’m glad that both of these businesses care enough about cyclists, and got really creative with their bike parking. This shows that there are some forward-thinking business owners that care about supporting alternate transportation, the local bike culture and a strong community.

I hope that bike parking, like this, continues to be an ongoing trend with new construction around town.

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August 10, 2013 at 8:04 pm

Took A Spin Around Addison Circle

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Addison Circle is a nice park area within the north Dallas suburban town of Addison. It’s been referred to as “… the place fun calls home.” Hidden just north of the Belt Line Road restaurant strip, Addison Circle Park appears to be the area near where many college graduates and young couples come to live when they start their first job in Dallas. It’s hip and urban-like with a small community of young professionals.

Riding around Addison Circle on a Saturday morning is less than exciting. Expecting a bustling, little urban/suburban community, I was left with what seemed like a ghost town. I guess the nightlife is what makes this place a destination. That’s okay, because it left all the roads to me.

Addison is one of the closest places in DFW to living an urban lifestyle without living downtown. Here’s a fun little PR video from their site.

Written by dickdavid

September 5, 2009 at 7:19 pm