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Half Way To My Summer Commuting Goal

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Last year, my goal was to replace some car trips with my bicycle to save a tank of gas. The only miles that counted towards that goal were those used for transport and not recreation. That simple challenge of 360 miles was achieved with many extra to spare.

I don’t bike commute every day, but every little bit helps.

My new goal for this summer* is to double it. I have been working towards replacing 720 miles of car driving with bicycle commuting – and as of last week, I’ve passed the halfway mark. Of course, summer is only going to get hotter for the remainder of my goal.

*I’m using the term of ‘summer’ loosely – since I was reminded that it had just started a few days ago.  My true riding season started at the end of April.

Written by dickdavid

June 25, 2012 at 5:59 am