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Took The Cruiser For A Spin

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A couple of weekends ago, I decided to give my wife’s cruiser a little spin to get a taste of the beach life. Of course, with temps close to freezing, I couldn’t get the complete picture.

This was the first time that I’ve actually taken a lengthy ride on this type of bike. I’ve done the occasional test ride, but I’ve never taken one for a true spin.

It’s definitely a different experience. All of my bikes are designed to put me in a forward riding position, but the cruiser puts me upright. It was awkward at first, but I soon discovered that it was more comfortable on the neck and back. Another obvious difference is the spread of the handle bars. The cruiser’s bars are wide and angled back. Although this worked well with the upright seated position, the steering was less responsive. Since the cruiser is more for slow, casual riding, I didn’t see this as an issue – just different.

The single speed gearing seemed perfect for flat, smooth terrain, but required a bit of work to haul it up hill. Granted, the seat position was lower for my wife, so I couldn’t get a nice leg extension without standing. I’m thinking that with the right seat height, inclines would be more manageable.

The overall ride was fun. There’s something about the carefree personality of a cruiser that removes any intention of getting anywhere fast. When you detach that from the ride, all you have left is a relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable spin around town. The cruiser is obviously more about personality and less about utility, which is why I have one on my bike wish list.

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December 16, 2009 at 1:00 am

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Villy Customs – The Coolest Thing In Bike Cruisers – EVER

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Chase with Fleetwood’s Kit Kat

Before we discovered Fleetwood’s Kit Kat, I have to admit, a beach cruiser wasn’t on my radar for my personal bike line-up. But once Fleetwood got me on a test ride, I have to say, there is definitely one on my wish list.

There’s nothing that screams classic, comfort, casual, cool, hip and fun like a cruiser. There’s nothing that screams classic, comfort, casual, cool, hip, fun AND ‘that bike is so awesomely you’ more than one that is custom designed by YOU and build by the guys at Fleetwood’s Kit Kat. I can’t believe nobody’s thought about building custom styled cruisers to fit individual personalities, sooner. Pure genius if you ask me.

Unfortunately, if you don’t live in north Texas, getting one built to your specifications was a little difficult to accomplish. Good news – Fleetwood’s spreading the love to everybody who doesn’t live in the DFW Metroplex. Now, the rest of the world can enjoy the greatness of having a custom cruiser, built to their specifications and delivered right to their door. Introducing Villy Customs.

The new site enables you to custom configure the cruiser of your dreams. Everything from the frame to the tires can be tweaked to your specific taste. With thousands of combinations, it’s quite possible to build a bike that’s a one-of-a-kind, made specifically for you. These are truly affordable, functional works-of-art that every bike enthusiast should own.

Be warned. It is quite possible to spend good part of your day configuring all your possible favorite combinations.

ALSO, some of the great photography that was on their original site, was created by Wendy Woodruff-Wezensky. Click here to see her Villy Customs image collection.

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December 6, 2009 at 11:41 am

My Wife’s New Bike

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My wife has been shooting pics for Fleetwood’s Kit Kat for their new website (which will be amazing once it’s launched). Every time she went into their shop, she would eye a her favorite custom cruiser, that always seemed to be just outside of our budget.

This last visit to their shop, the staff presented it to her as a gift for helping them out. Now she has the coolest bike in the family.


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November 14, 2009 at 11:42 am

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Down The Katy Trail With Fleetwood’s Kit Kat

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I wrote about Fleetwood’s Kit Kat in an earlier post and discussed how cool the shop and it’s owner were. When we were visiting, Fleetwood asked us to join in one of his group rides. Not being on a bike in years, I figured my wife would be less than interested. To my surprise, she scheduled us for one of his rides.

We were some of the first to arrive at the shop, off Mockingbird and Interstate 75, right next to the SMU campus. Since I had my own bike (non-cruiser), I opted to bring it and leave the loaner open for any extra riders. Wendy got a fancy pink cruiser as a loaner that totally clashed with her personality – it was the perfect bike for her first ride. As we waited for the ride to start, more folks, mostly couples and small groups of friends (all different in age and personality) began to arrive. Nobody looked like a seasoned rider, which was perfect for a casual ride like this. Instead of spandex, jerseys and cleats, there were dresses, shorts and flip flops. We were all like a bunch of kids, reconnecting with our youth on fun and stylish comfort bikes.

Eventually, the ride started. It was really cool seeing a huge mass of colorful bikes hitting the streets all at once. The pace was slow but perfect for a warm Saturday evening. We headed down one of the side streets which eventually connected with the head of the Katy Trail. A few minutes later, we were at our first stop – a wine bar called Crush on Knox Street. The plan was to hang out here and watch Fleetwood’s sister Kerri Arista perform a few sets. The place had a great atmosphere and the wine was tasty (even though my wife and I just shared one glass – we weren’t sure what to expect on the rest of the ride). Eventually, the sun went down and the streets started to cool off. The group sipped the last of their wine, then made it back to the bikes to continue the ride.

Cruising With Fleetwoods Kit Kat

The rest of the Katy Trail seemed to go downhill. Again, with a nice slow pace perfect for a Saturday evening, post wine bar ride. What was amazing about this part of the ride was seeing Dallas from a different perspective. Wendy, who lived in Dallas most of her life, got a new look at her old home town. Mark, Fleetwood’s bike guru, entertained us with a few fancy jumps and stunts while keeping an eye on the group’s emergency repair needs. No worries about flat tires on this ride.

A few miles later, and we arrived at the American Airlines Center in uptown Dallas. The main mall was lit with all sorts of lights and video screens which made it an exciting destination. We all lined up for a group shot, Mark made a few bike adjustments and we all took a free ride around the area. It was a blast.

The ride back to Fleetwood’s shop was fun as well. Since it got late, some of the Katy Trail’s lights went off. Fortunately, the loaner cruisers all came with riding lights and lit the whole way back. Fleetwood had some speakers and an iPod that blasted some great Michael Jackson tunes for us to enjoy. What a great time.

When we arrived back at Fleetwood’s shop, folks turned in their loaners, I loaded up my bike and we all gave our goodbyes. This was one of the best evening that I have spent in Dallas in a really long time. Wendy had a great time too and we hope to do it again soon. Next time, I may try one of Fleetwood’s cruisers.

If you want something fun to do in Dallas, keep an eye on the Fleetwood Facebook page for future bike rides. Seating is based on first come, first served so call and get scheduled. You’ll be happy you did.

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July 26, 2009 at 7:13 am

The Dutch Master by Core77

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I just saw this on the Daily Heller – a graphic design blog that happened to be writing about bikes today.

I’m a huge fan of custom build bikes and my goal is to own one someday (after I win the lotto, right?). The Heller post lead me to the Core77 Magazine site where they were introducing the Dutch Master, a limited edition of 25 hand built bikes by KT Higgins, former bike messenger, now mechanic and owner of Bushwick Bike Shop. The frame is based on the Worksman cruiser frame. Check out the specs on this bad boy.

Pretty nice, but $1560.00 is a bit out of my price range. However, if you’ve got the cash, the components alone are worth the asking price. Put them all together and you’ve got this beautiful work of art any cyclist would be proud to own.

The Dutch Master is a tribute to the New York bike culture. I think it looks fantastic and would love to take one for a spin some day.

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July 10, 2009 at 1:59 pm

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