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Pics And Recap Of Dallas’ Ride The Link Event

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Riding By

Last Saturday, I accompanied my local bicycle advocacy group, BikeDFW, as we participated in a bike event called, Ride The Link. Hosted by DART, we celebrated the completion of Centralink, which is the bike trail connector that goes through downtown Dallas and connects, local neighborhood, Oak Cliff, the Trinity Strand Trail, the Katy Trail and the Santa Fe Trail. Centralink represents the spirit of regionalism and cooperation between DART, the City of Dallas, Downtown Dallas and bike trail organizations. Together, they’re expanding transportation choices and increasing mobility.

Along with BikeDFW, there were several tents set up at Main Street Garden, including representatives from the City of Dallas, DART, Friends of The Katy Trail, Friends of The Santa Fe Trail, Transit Bikes, Switching Gears Cyclery, Downtown Dallas, Dallas Parks Foundation, a local YMCA and North Central Texas Council of Governments. There was also a live band and radio station 102.9 Now.

The turnout was pretty impressive for this inaugural event. Hundreds of people and cyclists came through the park to take part in this event and enjoy a nice ride through downtown Dallas. Hopefully, we’re reaching out to more north Texans and motivating them to get out and ride. Overall, we enjoyed participating in the Ride The Link event, and we hope DART continues to host more events like this.

Here are some pics of the event (click here to see the set):

Full Bike Parking

Hanging out at the BikeDFW Tent

Friends of the Katy Trail Tent

Friends of the Santa Fe Trail Tent

BikeDFW Tent

Why Do I Have An Obsession With DART Trains?

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Maybe it’s because, as a kid, I loved trains. Maybe it’s because I never lived in a city with a decent metropolitan transit system. Maybe I just liked the idea of reducing the need for so much traffic throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Maybe it’s because our transit system is so bike friendly. Whatever the reason, I enjoy living in a city that has a commuter train system.

I remember the first time I saw a DART train at the Texas State Fair back in 1995. DART was showcasing them before the launch in 1996. My wife (fiance at the time) couldn’t understand why I had to get up close and walk through it. I couldn’t explain it – I was just captivated. Ironically, before the DART Rail launched we moved out of state for a year. Even when we moved back, we ended up in Arlington for a few years – well outside of the DART Rail‘s reach. Eventually, this changed when we moved to Richardson in 2003.

Richardson has the DART Red Line running through it with 4 stops, heading into Dallas. Unfortunately for me, I don’t work in Dallas or anywhere along the DART Rail. To this day, a train commute is not an option. I am still obsessed with the idea of the DART Rail, and I still love the sight and sound of the train running through my town. I do take a ride from time to time – even with my bike.

Here are a few pics that I’ve collected of everything DART (click on any of them to see the complete set).

The biggest reason that I don’t ride the train more is convenience. The DART ticketing system still works with cash only, and I rarely carry cash when I ride.

Here is my DART wish list:

– Allow debit/credit cards at your ticket terminals.
– Set up a DART card system, similar to a Starbucks Drink Card or a Toll Tag, where folks can keep a balance and use it towards rides, whenever they need it. A monthly pass doesn’t make sense for folks like me who don’t commute.
– Complete a trail system along the entire rail line throughout the Metroplex.

Written by dickdavid

October 3, 2010 at 6:31 am