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Watch Out – Even On The Sidewalks

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Yet another reminder that no matter what your route – road or sidewalk – you’ve got to stay alert for the nut jobs in cars. Here is a traffic/pedestrian walk light that was taken out last night by, what I would assume, somebody losing control of their vehicle and rolling onto the sidewalk.

The dose of reality for me is that I’ve stood behind this pole many times, watching traffic spin around that corner at great speeds. I remember tucking myself behind it with the false sense of security that I was safe from those cars. I mean, what were the odds of a car getting over the curb and through a huge metal pole? Right? Stay safe. Keep an eye out for traffic around you.

Traffic Victim

The cool thing about the city of Richardson is that they were out there fixing it the next morning – much faster than it’s taken them to fix the burnt out bulb that was in the “walk” sign.

Traffic Light Down

Written by dickdavid

February 19, 2012 at 5:20 pm