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BABBLE Bike Ride

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I got an interesting email last week from a fellow biking blogger, Myles from Rattappress inviting me to join a bunch of north Texas bloggers called BABBLE (Bicycling Authors, Bloggers, Bold-face Liars, & Exaggerators) in a group ride around Fort Worth tomorrow. Living on the other side of the Metroplex, my first reaction was to pass on it  this time around. To be honest, this type of ride would require some serious effort to get my bike to Fort Worth. Not to mention, it would eat up most of my day.

However, the forecast shows that it’s going to be a beautiful day tomorrow and I’ve been wanting to try bike transport on the DART and the TRE. I’m going to sit down and do some planning tonight and hopefully figure out a way to make a family day out of this. Stay tuned.

EDIT (10/17/2009 – AM): Looks like I’m in. I’ve worked the schedule out and getting to Fort Worth by bike and train look doable. My wife’s even excited about it because she (and the munchkins) will meet up with me in Fort Worth after the ride.

UPDATE: Here’s my write-up about the Journey.

Written by dickdavid

October 16, 2009 at 6:26 pm