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Been Tooling Around Town

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I prefer riding in the summer over the winter. Give me a 100+ degree day over any below 40. I’ve come to this conclusion by the simple fact that I’ve been finding it harder and harder to get motivated to ride this month – not a problem in August.

I hate bundling, layering and covering – just to not be comfortable. I dislike the thicker air which is harder to breathe. I loath the wind that still cuts through me because of something I might have left exposed. The shorter winter days make me feel cheated – I get the sense of losing out on time, as well as valuable visibility.

Don’t get me wrong. Summer days are no picnic either. But, if I had to choose – bring on the heat.

I do get out there when I can. Even though most of my rides are short and uneventful – all within a few miles of my house – I do find some interesting things:

Santa’s Village in Richardson

Santa's Village - Richardson, Texas

New statue for the Friends of the Library – Richardson:

FOL Statue

Written by dickdavid

December 12, 2011 at 6:55 am