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Kickstarter – LESS CAR MORE GO: the cargo bike documentary

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I’m a big fan of documentaries and an even bigger fan of bikes. So, I go nuts when I hear about bike documentaries. One that I’m particularly interested in seeing is Liz Canning‘s new film about the cargo bike culture, called Less Car More Go.

From the Kickstarter page:

In early 2011, almost three years before the Wall Street Journal dubbed cargo bikes “the New Station Wagon,” filmmaker Liz Canning began making LESS CAR MORE GO. The project is a crowdsourced documentary on the past, present and future of the cargo bike movement, co-directed by over 100 cargo cyclists. A rapidly growing online network of bike lovers from all over the world has shared hours of video footage capturing how cargo bikes change lives. The number, quality and content of submissions to LESS CAR MORE GO is a stunning testament to the power of bicycles, community and art. And we’ve only just begun! Read more.

There are only a few days left to help fund this project and Liz is still pretty far from her goal. She states:

Thus far the project been fueled by passion and funded by co-directors and myself. A successful Kickstarter campaign will sustain us through post-production and ensure that all this inspired work pays off. A documentary (especially a crowdsourced one) is really made in the editing. I will need time and some assistance to weave all these disparate elements into a coherent and exciting story.

Kickstarter funds will also pay for a handful of video equipment to be shared by co-directors, media storage drives, an assistant editor/producer, and travel to cargo bike hot spots in and possibly outside of the US. There will be other expenses like music and archival rights, motion graphics and color correction/finishing, DVD authoring and outreach, press and publicity.

If you want to support the post-production of the film and get a copy for yourself, head over to her Kickstarter page and make a pledge.

Written by dickdavid

April 29, 2014 at 10:14 pm

Halo Zero LED Messenger Bag – On Kickstarter

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Image © Halo Zero. Please visit their site.

I saw this on Facebook last night and thought it was a good enough idea to share. Halo Zero, the developers of  the very successfully funded Halo LED Belt, are back on Kickstarter. This time they’re partnered up with Rickshaw Bagworks, to produce a Halo Zero LED Messenger Bag.


Image © Halo Zero. Please visit their site.

Here is some info from their Kickstarter page:

Mission: SAVE LIVES. HALO ZERO messenger bag illuminates at night, keeping safety just a click away.

What is HALO ZERO? HALO ZERO is an LED illuminated messenger bag made in the heart of San Francisco. Each messenger bag embodies our philosophy of; Form, Function, and Footprint. Each HALO ZERO messenger bag is created with a sustainable minimal waste design.

• Holds up to 13″-15” laptop
• Made from scratch in SF
• External dimensions: 11″ H x 18″ W x 6″ D
• Quick-adjust shoulder strap
• Two front pockets and main compartment
• Velcro closure, D-ring, accessory system
• Durable, machine washable
• Red, Green, Blue, Yellow

How does HALO ZERO illuminate?
A custom patented LED thermoplastic polyurethane fiber optic strip is attached by Velcro to the messenger bag. The “HALO” is powered by two standard CR2025 batteries. There are three modes of illumination; Strobe, Flash, and Solid.

• Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
• Fully removable
• Customizable to your own color preference
• Batteries last 20 hours on Solid mode
• Batteries last up 60-75 non-consecutive hours on Flash modes


Image © Halo Zero. Please visit their site.

The last thing I need is another messenger bag. However, not one of mine is truly ‘visible’ when I’m riding at night. Sure, I’ve clipped on a flashing LED light, but I don’t think it’s as noticeable as the Halo Zero could be.

I personally wouldn’t mind seeing the bag built out of more reflective materials as well. The Halo Zero LED Messenger Bag is a good concept, built by some great people. We need to see more projects like this, keeping cyclists safe on the road.

Written by dickdavid

January 8, 2013 at 6:56 am