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Million Car Challenge

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I just saw this on Twitter and I thought it was cool enough to pass on. From their site:

The Challenge

Everything has its begining. For me it was sitting in my car, in traffic, reflecting on the mornings ride. I had been yelled at to get off the road, a drink thrown at me and missed by inches by another driver trying “teach me a lesson”. “Get off the road” they say. Quite a lot to think about as I’m stuck in traffic reading window stickers and bumber stickers advertising everything from our president to Billy Bobs favorite motor oil.

I don’t care about Billy Bobs favorite motor oil but I still remember it.

So I did some research and come to find out window and bumper stickers are one of the most effective forms of advertisements that reach DRIVERS. People behind the wheel while they are driving. They are right up there with the effectiveness of billboards when related to drivers.

What if we had 1,000,000 cars with Bicycles Allowed Use Of Full Lane Change Lanes To Pass window and bumper stickers driving around all day? Statistics show that the message will be read by millions and millions of drivers.

Are there a million bicyclists that care about getting the word out? I think so. We’re going to find out.

I challenge one million of you to make a difference. To put the law in front of drivers as they are driving. To get them thinking.

Bicycles Allowed Use Of Full Lane. Change Lanes To Pass.

They ask that you come back 15 December 2009. Site and Campaign Stickers will be live and available at that time. I think everybody who rides around the Metroplex has had some experience sharing the road and can relate to this cause.

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December 2, 2009 at 10:11 am

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