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Bike Love In Oak Cliff

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Please Be Kind To Cyclists

If you live near Dallas, you know how local neighborhood, Oak Cliff, is working hard to be bike friendly. Although they aren’t there yet, they have a very strong bike community which has come a long way. Even when you aren’t looking for bike love in Oak Cliff, it finds you.

Retro Orange

Bike Parking


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October 28, 2013 at 6:01 am

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Cycle Tracks In Dallas

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Cycle Tracks Dallas - Jefferson Bridge

The cycle track over the Jefferson Boulevard bridge is older news to the locals in Dallas, but I wasn’t able to try it out until last weekend. This cycle track is the result of the new city streetcar project which necessitated the, neighboring, Houston Street Viaduct bridge to be closed down. The, once, one-way Jefferson Boulevard bridge was now re-striped to accommodate two-way traffic as well as bike lanes.

Although this is a temporary solution, some hope that it serves as a way to show how this could work well in future planning.

Having it built on the far left lane, I was curious as to how safe it was – especially running cycle traffic right up against fast, oncoming automobile traffic. Even though it is only protected by paint and plastic posts, I felt pretty comfortable – even as cars whizzed by. There were several other cyclist using it as well, who seemed to feel the same way.

The cycle track lane is nice, but it isn’t perfect – especially getting on and off. Because of all the bypassed traffic and special detours, cyclists have to cross a maze of redirects to get you onto the cycle track. Once in downtown Dallas, cyclist are forced onto, and then off of the sidewalk to get back into the traffic lane.

Forced onto and off the sidewalk

Again, this is just a temporary solution. Once it’s properly designed from end to end, I can see myself and many other cyclists using it to cross the Trinity from Oak Cliff into downtown Dallas.

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April 20, 2013 at 3:32 pm

OCBC Hosts: Bike Bingo Adventure Race – Sunday, April 3 at Noon

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Our friends at a local bike shop, Oak Cliff Bicycle Company, are hosting the Bike Bingo Adventure Race this weekend. From their site:

The OCBC BikeMS team is raising money to ride from Frisco to Fort Worth April 30–May 1.

Join us for our Bike Bingo Adventure Race fundraiser on Sunday, April 3, from 12 to 2 at Eno’s. Show up and register at 12. Get your bike bingo card at 12:45. Ride to local Oak Cliff spots, look for clues, and text in the secret phrase. Be back by 2. Prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-place winners. Minimum suggested donation to support our MS cause: $10 per rider. This is a family-friendly event. It’s not just about speed—it’s about strategy, wit, enjoying Oak Cliff, supporting a good cause, and just getting on a bike and having fun. Wear a helmet. You can ride as a team or an individual. Don’t forget to get a $10 raffle ticket for your chance to win a 53cm or 55cm 2011 Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Sora.


So, if you’re in Dallas, head on down to Oak Cliff this Sunday, have a great ride and help support a good cause.

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March 30, 2011 at 5:23 am

A Group Ride In Tweed

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Last Sunday, my wife and I joined Bike Friendly Oak Cliff’s first tweed ride. This was a first of many things for us. A first for us to ride with BFOC, a first for us to ride in a large group, a first for my wife to ride her new bike and a first for us to ride wearing tweed.

This was an interesting ride for me. I’ve seen pics of several other tweed rides and thought they looked fun, so I decided to join. My wife, wanting to break in her new bike, wanted to do the ride as well. The fun started when we spent some time searching for the proper attire. Tweed, at a reasonable price, is hard to find — but we enjoyed the hunt.

On the day of the ride, we joined the rest of the group as they gathered at the top of the Grassy Knoll, in downtown Dallas. We spent a some time checking out each other’s outfits and sharing stories as to how they were acquired. When the ride started, my wife and I stayed at the back of the group, hoping to not feel the pressure of being too rushed.

The group headed east on Ross Avenue towards the Arts District where we rode by the DMA, the Winspear Opera House and the Wyly Theater. From there, we headed south on Pearl Street and then west on Main Street. On Main, we stopped off at the City Employee Credit Union for a group shot on the steps. After that, we continued down Main Street until we reached Houston Street. We took it south to access the Houston Street Viaduct which crossed into Oak Cliff. It was interesting yet kind-of sad to see the old Reunion Arena in a pile of debris.

As we rolled into Oak Cliff, a few of us got separated from the big group. This didn’t concern me since my wife knows her way around OC. We actually followed some folks who got off the planned route, but quickly negotiated a new detour to the Bishop Arts District.

At the Bishop Arts District, the group gathered in front of Eno’s Pizza and enjoyed refreshments while Matt Tolentino entertained us with his accordion. We stayed there for quite some time, taking pictures and meeting other cyclists. After that, some of the group stayed while the rest of us headed back to downtown Dallas.

Overall, it was a great ride. My wife and I really enjoyed meeting all the great folks who took part of the group and we hope to do it again.

Click here to see all my pics.

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November 24, 2009 at 11:35 pm

Halloween Rides in Dallas

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Zombie Cyclist

"Zombie Cyclist" by georgie_grrl

If you have a bike and nothing to do on halloween day, head on down to Oak Cliff and take a fun ride in your costume. Bike Friendly Oak Cliff, FMD and 75208 “will lead the group from the Grassy Knoll in Downtown Dallas through some of the most notorious ghost-ridden spots in town.” during their Terror on Two Wheels haunted Dallas group bike ride.

Show up around 2:30 p.m. today and wear a costume if you have one. There will be a contest for the best one at the end of the ride. Go here for details. IF you do Facebook, go here.

After that, you can take a spin with the Liberty Cycle Works costume ride, starting at 5:00 p.m. Head on down to their shop at 604 Plymouth Park Plaza in Irving, TX.

Haunted Group Ride

Image From BFOC. Please Visit Their Site.

Liberty Cycle Halloween Group Ride

Image From Liberty Cycle Works. Please Visit Their Site.

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October 31, 2009 at 6:55 am

Cyclesomatic Bike Festival

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Image from Bike Friendly OC. Please visit their site.

Image from Bike Friendly OC. Please visit their site.

When we were visiting the Oak Cliff Bicycle Company yesterday, I noticed a few posters that were promoting Cyclesomatic – a week long bicycle festival in North Oak Cliff. Of course, I had to look deeper into this to find out what it’s all about.

The festival will last from October 2nd to the 11th. The weather should be just about tolerable in north Texas by then.

Here is some info from their site:

Events will include a history-themed group ride, bicycle competitions, Biketoberfest! in Bishop, an Urban Bazaar/Bikefaire, a “Kiddical Mass” Ride, Bike to School Day, BBQ, Bands, Bicycle Films at the Texas Theatre, Art Bike Shows, and guest speaker councilwoman Angela Hunt. New Belgium brewery is sponsoring part of the week, and we’re coordinating efforts with DART, BikeDenton, the Oak Cliff Bicycle Company, the Cube Creative, Eno’s Tavern, and more.

The event will be put on by the Bike Friendly Oak Cliff Group, advocates promoting the creation of better cycling facilities and improved infrastructure in Oak Cliff. Oak Cliff is one of Dallas’ oldest and more eclectic neighborhoods that has done well through the years to remain a friendly and creative destination for folks in the DFW Metroplex.

I will be checking out some of the events during the festival and I’ll report back here. Looks like it’ll be a week of complete bike love, all within one of the coolest parts of Dallas. Please check the Cyclesomatic site for complete details, area info and an event calendar.

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August 23, 2009 at 3:44 pm

Oak Cliff Bicycle Company

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Logo courtesy of Oak Cliff Bicycle Company. Please visit their site.

There’s a new bike shop in town: Oak Cliff Bicycle Company. I stumbled upon them when I saw that one of my friends on Facebook joined their group page. Of course I did the same.

The first thing that caught my eye was their cool logo. Call me easy, but being an art director and graphic designer, if you catch my attention with your graphics, you’ve made the first step to winning me over as a customer. The next thing that caught my attention was they’re ‘about us’ page. They appear to share the same ‘get out and ride’ philosophy that we have over here at Suburban Assault.

Image linked from the OCBC. Site. Please click to visit.

Image linked from the OCBC. Site. Please click to visit.

The last thing that wins me over as a customer is customer service. I haven’t visited their shop, so I can’t report on that yet. Their grand opening was last weekend and I’m sad to say that I missed it.

My plan is to drag the family out to Oak Cliff this weekend and stop by the shop for a visit. After that, I’ll post my initial impressions as well as a few pics. If you want to stop by and visit for yourself, they’re open Monday 12 – 7, Tues-Fri 11-7 and Sat&Sun 8:30-5. You can find there shop in Oak Cliff, one of the older neighborhoods of Dallas:

The shop is on the west side of Tyler, between 7th and Davis – 410 N Tyler Street, Dallas, TX 75208

Stay tuned.


We went by the shop today (August 22). It took a while to find it because I forgot to write down the address and Oak Cliff is a bit unfamiliar to me. When we found the place, we discovered that parking is non-existent – which I guess shouldn’t be a big deal for a bike shop.

First impressions: The shop is small, but nice. Their inventory is what you would expect with a small, start-up – a bit limited. However, they have no problem ordering from their vendors. The two brands that stood out from all the used and repair bikes were Swobo and YBS, a local bike builder.

The shop had a very similar feel to West Village Bicycles, featuring more of an urban lifestyle – a niche that is a bit limited in the DFW Metroplex. I hope to see more shops like this pop up around town. Hopefully, folks will start riding more as these shops become more main stream.

The guy I talked to was a bit reserved, but managed to open up once I started talking to him. I’m hoping that I can make it down there more often and actually bring them some business.

Overall, I liked the place and I hope they have great success.

P.S. Sorry about knocking over the bikes displayed out front. It was like a horrible scene in a movie where I lifted the price tag to the bike on the end, it fell over and started a domino effect with the rest of the bikes. Thanks for being really cool about it.

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August 18, 2009 at 11:41 am