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Scary Halloween Post – Bicycle Graveyard

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We took a trip to Oak Cliff last weekend to check out M’Antiques. As you can guess, instead of the vintage lace doilies, mismatched tea sets and creepy porcelain dolls, M’Antiques is an antique store geared more for men. They have cool stuff, like army surplus, old radios, school lockers, vintage copies of Playboy, and bikes.

Unfortunately, most of the bikes were rusting, outside in their yard – which was more like a bicycle graveyard. Happy Halloween!


Yellow Rusted

M'Antiques Dallas


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October 31, 2013 at 5:44 am

My Crank Came Loose During My Commute To Work Last Week

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This Came Off Half Way To Work

I must admit, as an LCI, I have no excuse for this happening to me. One of the fundamental things that we teach our students is the importance of the ABC Quick Check. But, I got lazy – which got me into trouble.

Let me put some emphasis on the “C” in ABC Quick Check. “C” is for cranks, chain and cassette – essentially your bike’s drivetrain. Although not as important for safety, as “Air” and “Brakes”, the drivetrain is a very critical part of your bike’s ability to function. If you’re drivetrain isn’t working, you’re not going anywhere.

I had just finished a long ride the weekend before, where I had given the bike a complete check. Because of that, my lazy pre-commute inspection consisted of me squeezing my tires, then while rolling, spinning the pedals and doing a quick brake check.

Quite frankly, I’m not sure if I would have noticed the potential fail of my crank arm. Typically, when I perform the check on my cranks, chain and cassette, I’m just looking to see if the drivetrain rolls smoothly, not really ever torquing the crank more than a few pedal revolutions. This is usually done by hand and I would rarely pull the crank from side to side.

The signs were there from the start of my commute. As I pushed down on the left pedal, it made an incredible squeaking noise. I had recently installed my old pair of SPD clipless pedals for that previous weekend ride and I just figured that the pedal mechanism was in need of some lubrication.

As I reached the halfway point to my office (about 7.5 miles), I noticed that my left pedal was no longer squeaking. Within moments I felt it wobble. At first, I thought the pedal was coming loose off the crank, but when I looked down, I saw that it was the whole crank arm. I pulled over to inspect it and attempt a quick repair. I soon discovered that the bolt that held it in place required an 8mm allen wrench – something I don’t carry in my tool pouch.

My backup plan was to hobble to some nearby auto-repair garage and borrow the tool. That would have worked if it wasn’t so early in the morning, and all of the shops weren’t still closed.

The only thing I could do was push the crank onto the spindle as hard as I could and then thumb tighten the bolt. Because of that, I couldn’t really put any pressure onto that pedal. Fortunately, with my SPD clipless pedals, I was able to do most of the spinning with my right foot, while resting my left foot on the loose crank’s pedal. I had to stop every mile or so, to push the crank arm back on and re-tighten the bolt. Eventually, I made it to the office.

During my lunch break, my buddy ran me up to Home Depot, where I was able to purchase the correct tool. With that, I was able to repair the crank and get home problem-free. That day, I learned that I need to do a more thorough inspection of my bike before a long commute. A few moments before the ride can save you from bigger problems down the road – a lesson I’ll be sure to share with my students.


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May 28, 2013 at 7:10 pm

Bike Sale In Fort Worth Texas October 8, 2011

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My good friend, Jay posted this on my Facebook wall. From a dated Craig’s List post:

An old friend recently passed away and his son asked me to spread the word of a sale that he is having selling off his fathers bicycle collection. He writes to me-

“My father was a collector who passed away this spring. We are organizing 
his inventory and it is large – perhaps 400 collectible antique bikes, 
mostly 50s and 60s molds, but many older springer fronts, and even a couple 
of wooden, etc. We seek to honor him with a swap meet style one-day event.”

Saturday, October 8th
9:00am to 3:00pm
3709 Cockrell Ave. – one block off of Old Granbury Rd
Ft Worth, TX

This should be a very interesting event. He had a very large building stacked full of old bicycles. There is a wide array of bikes. I can not tell you any specifics of what is in there, nor can his son, but he will be pulling these out and will be pricing them to move. His father has been picking up bikes for years, and also traveled to Pennsylvania many times to Hershey and Carlisle.

You can find pics here.


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© mjones2001

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October 3, 2011 at 7:37 pm