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One Country, One Gear – Ryan Stamerro Will Go Cross Country On A Fixed Gear Bike

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Like with a lot of cool bike things that I learn about, I found out about this on Urban Velo. Young bike rider, Ryan Stamerro, will be riding his bike across country this summer. Sure, there’s really nothing special about that. Folks do cross-country bike rides all the time (it’s one of my personal bucket list items). What makes Ryan’s trip a bit different is that he’s going to do it on a fixed gear bike. The entire trip is also meant to bring awareness to Half United.

He’ll also be recording his ride with 35mm photography and through his blog, One Country, One Gear. It sounds like a great challenge and adventure, and I wish him a safe journey.

If you are interested in following his journey and would like to help him get started, click here to see his Kickstarter page.

Written by dickdavid

January 25, 2012 at 10:00 am