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Mexico Is Bike Friendly

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Big Utility

I took the family down to Mexico for a late vacation. My wife’s cousin was getting married on the beach in Playa del Carmen so we decided to turn it into a little vacation and expose the kids to some Mexican culture – even if it was geared for tourists.

My original plan was to find a bike rental service and do a little riding on my own. Unfortunately, I didn’t even have time to look into it, much less actually ride. However, I was able to capture a few shots of cyclists around town.

I noticed that there were three types of riders around the area we stayed. There were the tourists on beat up cruisers, tooling up and down the 5th street market area as well as around the resorts. There were the locals, using them as a regular form of transportation – commuting to work and the market. Then there were the utility riders – those who used their bike to haul their passengers and goods around town.

It was refreshing to see the absence of sport riding, to see folks riding as part of their everyday lives and not in a rush. Pedestrians and drivers were in sync with cyclists and everybody got along. Most of the riding was done on resort roads but we did notice a bike lane along one of the major roadways. Cyclists actually shared it with pedestrians – it was odd but it worked.

Here are a few pics. Click here or on any of the pics to see the entire set.

Bike Tourists

Bike Locals


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October 17, 2010 at 9:30 am

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On Remote Location

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Stay tuned for more pics and stories from south of the border.

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