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You Get What You Pay For – Cheap Sunglasses

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You Get What You Pay For

I’m probably one of the cheapest people out there when it comes to buying bike clothing. If I own any clothing made specifically for cycling, it was purchased on sale – most likely on clearance.

Don’t get me wrong. I like bike clothing (btw, I’m not just referring to spandex and lycra. I could never pull off tight bike shorts – but that’s another blog post.). I also appreciate the science that goes into them: special quick drying micro-fibers, special padding and reinforcements, rider fitted cuts and stitching.

I just can’t afford them.

The same goes for my eyewear. Instead of investing in the latest/lightest biking glasses, you’ll find me at my local Walmart looking for the cheapest pair that’ll fit me. I got these for $5. Cheap, but they didn’t even last me the summer. Even so, with the huge price difference of most high-end glasses, it might be worth staying this route.

However, it’s not very ‘green’ using multiple cheap glasses to replace just one good pair. More importantly, if these guys seem to break with the slightest amount of force or a simple drop to the ground, they might not be as protective to my eyes as they should. That’s something I shouldn’t compromise with.

Perhaps, I’ll start looking at a good pair of mid-range glasses. Any suggestions?

Written by dickdavid

August 22, 2011 at 5:54 am