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Mission Accomplished – One Tank Of Gas Saved

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One tank of gas

As I’ve become more confident on my bike, I decided to ride it more to work this summer. Starting the season with Bike To Work Week in May, I decided to ride the equivalent in miles of, at least, one full tank of gas. I drive an older MINI Cooper, which usually gets about 360 (city) miles on my normal commute. My only rule was the ride had to replace a typical trip that I would have normally taken in my car. This meant that some of my fun Suburban Assaults on the weekend, could not be counted.

This last commute on Friday brought me over the 360 mile mark.

Although my accomplishment this season is nothing compared to what some of the seasoned bike commuters are doing, I am pretty proud of myself for sticking with it during one of the hottest summers in north Texas. Getting close to a record streak, we’ve had over 35, consecutive 100+ degree days – so most of my commuting was done in unbearable heat.

PGB - Ohio Drive Underpass

I’m not finished. I’ll probably keep doing the bike commutes to work until I run out of daylight. As autumn rolls in, the sun will rise later and set earlier. Given the odd hours and long days that I work, this would push my commute into the dark hours. That is yet, another hurdle to get over.

Ride Home

Written by dickdavid

August 6, 2011 at 10:00 am