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Spring Creek Trail Ramp – NOW OPEN!

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There is a nice little nature trail that goes through the northern, central part of my town, Richardson, Texas. According to the City of Richardson Trail Guide, it’s called the Spring Creek Trail. It has entrances on Plano Road and Glenville Drive with scenic, tree covered, twisted routes that lead to a nice rest stop at Renner Road and US-75. This rest stop is a nice jumping point to another bike trail that runs along Renner Road, which leads to the west site of Richardson. Until recently, the Spring Creek Trail was the only bike friendly route that connects to the jumping point at Renner at US-75. Most of the other routes are very busy streets and feeder roads.

Within the past couple of years, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas has relocated to a newer place within Richardson, constructing a brand new office building just south of Spring Creek Trail. With this new building, the City of Richardson added a new road between Glenville and Renner – cutting right through Spring Creek Nature Area. At first, I was put off by how development always trumps nature and parks. It was even more frustrating when the main part of the trail became blocked for over a year because of the construction.

While riding around Glenville Road last April, I noticed that this new road, Routh Creek, was almost complete. I took a spin down it to check it out, and to my surprise, I discovered that they were building a wide bike lane with a ramp to join up with the Spring Creek Trail. Like the new road or not or not, at least they kept the cyclist/peds in mind when they developed through the area. I can’t say the same for the trees and wildlife.

Well, I started to get excited about this. For me, this opens up a new route through this part of town, making a quick and easy connection between various bike routes in Richardson. Over the next few months, I kept an eye on the development and waited patiently for them to complete the project. See the pics below to watch the progress through the summer.

Well, this week, the road and ramp to the trail finally opened. It’s nice, but I can’t help but think that this is just the beginning of more development.

I’m torn, because I like progress and having these big companies in our city to help with our economy. However, where do we draw the line between this progress and holding on to our parks and wildlife?

Click Here to see a quick video of me going down it for the first time.

Click Here to see map below for location:

Click Here to see the City Of Richardson trail map.

Written by dickdavid

August 29, 2009 at 5:50 pm