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Riding On Texas Sidewalks

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Random Commuter On A Sidewalk

Random Commuter On A Sidewalk

I prefer to take back streets, bike lanes and trails when I ride. However, when I cycle across town I’ll find myself on routes that involve very busy, high speed streets. Although I completely support them, I’m not a vehicular cyclist, so I don’t feel comfortable riding these types of roads. Don’t hate me, but I choose to ride on the sidewalk in these situations.

The purpose of this post is not to start a debate. I’ve read countless discussions about how riding on streets is safer than riding on the sidewalks. I’ve even learned that sidewalks aren’t always the safest places either. For  me, it’s a perspective of Texas drivers and the fear of bike verses SUV physics. I feel more comfortable distancing myself from fast moving, heavy traffic.

Vehicular Cyclist

Cyclist Taking The Lane During Rush Hour

The actual purpose of this post is to raise the question: Is there an actual Texas law that states whether riding a bike on Texas sidewalks is legal or not?

I’ve been all over Google and discovered several links to similar information like this on The laws are very specific when it comes to cyclist’s rights on Texas roads. However, I cannot find any law that says it is illegal to ride on Texas sidewalks. IF there is, please post links to official, Texas state approved information (not somebody’s opinion or interpretation of the law). I just want to know if I am breaking any laws when I ride these routes.

Sidewalk Riders in Austin

Sidewalk Riders in Austin - Respecting Peds

Again, this is not a debate on the safety of sidewalk verses street riding – this will always be subjective based on each rider’s perspective. I just want to have the right knowledge so that I can make informed decisions when I ride.

Comfortable Riding Back Streets

Comfortable Riding Back Streets

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October 30, 2009 at 6:00 am

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