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I’m Thinking About A Name Change

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When I chose the name Suburban Assault, it was derived from an old term a buddy of mine used back in our mountain bike days. Whenever he wanted to take the bikes for a ride around downtown, he’d ask if I wanted to do an “Urban Assault”. I’m sure he didn’t come up with the term, but it stuck with me. As the years passed and I’ve moved back out to the suburbs, it seemed appropriate to run with the term Suburban Assault for my rides around the neighborhood.

Obviously, if you’ve read my blog, my scope has gone beyond the suburbs and I focus more on the aspect of exploring one’s neighborhood or surroundings – suburban, urban or rural – by bike.

After doing this blog for a while, I’m thinking about a name change.

I still like the term ‘suburban’ because it feels like a niche in the biking world, especially after discovering that 50% of the metropolitan population lives outside the central city. Plus, there are plenty of other, much better, blogs about biking in cites and urban areas.

The word ‘assault’ is what I’m waffling on. I like how it contrasts the safe and ordinary tone of ‘suburban’, giving it a more contemporary feel. However, I don’t like the ‘first impression’ negative tone that it implies. Plus, there is a disconnect when it comes to a blog about non-sport cycling.

I’m considering a name change to “Suburban Bike” – – which I’ve registered. With this new name, I still hold true to my suburban core, but add the more obvious description of this blog’s main focus right in the name. Plus, it has a more positive spin (pardon the pun) for a bike blog.

So, what do you think? Should I:

– Keep rolling with Suburban Assault?
– Make the change and go with Suburban Bike?
– Do a compromise and run with both url’s leading to the same blog (I’d probably update the logo with this option)?

Please, vote below and post your thoughts in the comment section.

Written by dickdavid

September 22, 2011 at 5:45 am