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Texas Thunderstorms

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Contrary to what you might have heard about north Texas, it does rain around here – a lot. Sure we’ve had some of the longest stretches of drought paired with triple digit temperatures, but when it comes – it comes. I’m not talking about that soft, misty stuff they get up in the northwest – that I can handle. I’m talking about a Texas thunderstorm.

The local TV weather folks typically refer to our thunderstorms as ‘severe’ – with thunder and lightning that would make a Greek god, jealous. Not to mention producing enough downpour, notorious for dangerous flash floods.

But even as ‘severe’ as they get around here, storms usually don’t last more than a few hours. Today’s downpour is one of the few exceptions, going on for 12 hours, so far.

Because I’ve been caught in a couple of them, I’ve become an avid weather watcher – especially before I ride long distances. There’s nothing worse than getting caught several miles from home in one of Texas’ thunderstorms.

Storm Coming


Written by dickdavid

March 20, 2012 at 6:20 am