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My Bike Goals For My Community

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Here are some of my more ambitious goals that I would like to accomplish, when I get time:

• Start A Bike Tool Sharing Service – The idea would be to set up a system where folks can borrow and trade bike tools throughout the community. Folks will no longer need to spend a lot of money for that one tool that they may only use once or twice.

• Learn and Teach Bike Repair – Either it’s my inclination to tinker or my need for self-reliance, I would love to have the confidence and knowledge to make complete bike repairs. I’m good with the basic maintenance, but most drivetrain repairs – bottom brackets, hubs, cogs, cassettes, derailleurs, wheel builds, etc. – are a bit out of my league. There is a bike school in Oregon that I keep seeing ads for and I’m really tempted. If it was local, I would already be enrolled. Of course, I would love to pass on that knowledge to others.

• Learn to Teach Bike Training, Safety and Education – This might be the most obtainable goal for me. I would love to get certified to teach proper riding techniques and road safety so that I can start teaching the kids in my community how to ride properly. I can’t tell you how many times I see kids riding recklessly in my neighborhood – putting themselves in danger. I’m not sure why the local school system doesn’t offer this in the regular curriculum, but it’s something every kid needs to know.

• Start A Bike Local Co-Op – The combination of all my goals can be achieved through this. I would love to start a community-run organization, where volunteers and donations would come together to bring bikes, bike repair, bike and tool sharing, bike training and safety education to anybody who wants to ride a bike.

I’m sure there are other, more significant goals that I haven’t listed here. For now, these are the ones that I feel are important to me.

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June 21, 2011 at 8:48 am

Ride Gear – What Do You Carry When You Ride?

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Are you a bicycle pack Rats? Although I was never a Boy Scout, I like to be prepared for the worst when I ride on my long commutes.

I have my trusty Timbuk2 messenger bag filled with all sorts of things to keep my ride safe:

  • Tire Pry Levers – for those nasty flats
  • Spare  Tube – I switch this out between a 26″ or 29″ depending on what I’m riding.
  • Tube Patch Kit – in case the spare gets a flat
  • Multi-Tool – for that bit of tweaking on the road
  • Mini Pump – I haven’t bought into the CO2 thing just yet
  • 15 mm wrench – for my non-quick release wheels
  • Phone – No iPhone just yet
  • Camera – to document my Suburban Assault
  • Wallet – no money, no coffee
  • Watch – to know when I need to get home
  • Road ID – never leave home without it
  • Cable Lock – for those longer stays and I’m away from my ride

Curious about what other people ride with, I thought it would be nice to get more organized on flickr so I started a group called “Stuff I Carry When I Ride My Bicycle.”

This group is inspired by another flickr group:  “The Items We Carry“, posts like this shot from timbuk2, as well as an interesting article in the first issue of Bicycle Times magazine.

Stuff I Carry When I Ride My Bicycle” is a small group of pics, but growing steady. IF you are a bicycle pack rat or just a Boy Scout at heart, please take a moment and take a shot of the stuff you carry and post it there as well.

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July 13, 2009 at 2:13 am

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