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Why Do I Have An Obsession With DART Trains?

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Maybe it’s because, as a kid, I loved trains. Maybe it’s because I never lived in a city with a decent metropolitan transit system. Maybe I just liked the idea of reducing the need for so much traffic throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Maybe it’s because our transit system is so bike friendly. Whatever the reason, I enjoy living in a city that has a commuter train system.

I remember the first time I saw a DART train at the Texas State Fair back in 1995. DART was showcasing them before the launch in 1996. My wife (fiance at the time) couldn’t understand why I had to get up close and walk through it. I couldn’t explain it – I was just captivated. Ironically, before the DART Rail launched we moved out of state for a year. Even when we moved back, we ended up in Arlington for a few years – well outside of the DART Rail‘s reach. Eventually, this changed when we moved to Richardson in 2003.

Richardson has the DART Red Line running through it with 4 stops, heading into Dallas. Unfortunately for me, I don’t work in Dallas or anywhere along the DART Rail. To this day, a train commute is not an option. I am still obsessed with the idea of the DART Rail, and I still love the sight and sound of the train running through my town. I do take a ride from time to time – even with my bike.

Here are a few pics that I’ve collected of everything DART (click on any of them to see the complete set).

The biggest reason that I don’t ride the train more is convenience. The DART ticketing system still works with cash only, and I rarely carry cash when I ride.

Here is my DART wish list:

– Allow debit/credit cards at your ticket terminals.
– Set up a DART card system, similar to a Starbucks Drink Card or a Toll Tag, where folks can keep a balance and use it towards rides, whenever they need it. A monthly pass doesn’t make sense for folks like me who don’t commute.
– Complete a trail system along the entire rail line throughout the Metroplex.

Written by dickdavid

October 3, 2010 at 6:31 am